Successful revenue cycle performance will ultimately determine your financial health and impact your patients’ satisfaction. Warbird Healthcare practitioner consultants partner with you to transform and optimize your revenue cycle.

Whether you believe you are not capturing all revenue, have high outstanding collections, a CMI not reflective of your population, staff transition, IT system changes, or are undergoing a merger or acquisition, you must still assure revenue cycle performance and an excellent patient experience.

Both revenue cycle and clinical care success are dependent on the accurate and rapid relay of information through a complex set of systems and people, from the point of patient contact to the last dollar collected. Warbird’s healthcare revenue cycle management consultation and On-Demand interim leadership ensure your financials are healthy, so you can concentrate on patient care.

Our Approach

In our experience, a credible performance baseline, formalized redesign processand disciplined project management are critical. Warbird, leveraging methodologies created by our CFO Network, takes a surgical approach toward analyzing and improving key components of the revenue cycle toward optimization. Our practitioner consultants assess your revenue cycle, benchmark it to industry leading practice KPIs and implement recommendations designed togenerate measurable financial results.

Our five-phased approach includes:

1. Pre-Assessment:

We collaborate with clients and review relevant performance data to identify and document perceived challenges to create an initial project scope.

2. Baseline Assessment:

We conduct a detailed operational assessment of targeted revenue cycle components, benchmark organization performance against industry leading practice, identify areas of opportunity and recommend an action plan for improved performance. Assessment includes:

  • Evaluating current revenue cycle processes for strategic, operational and technological issues
  • Studying current revenue cycle processes and assessing management and staffing model
  • Benchmarking organizational performance to industry leading practice KPIs
  • A formal action plan and roadmap for financial success

3. Presentation of Action Plan:

Based on the assessment findings, we will present a formal action plan to client leadership designed to drive revenue cycle performance improvement. The customized action plan will include formal prioritized recommendations, required steps for execution and intended results.

4. Implementation Plan Development:

We outline the revenue cycle improvement project plan through a collaborative process with the client’s management team to define revenue cycle activity and develop the steps necessary to achieve key revenue cycle goals. Once formalized, this plan will be the roadmap for revenue cycle success.

5. Implementation:

Using strict project managed workflows that produce predictable and reliable results, our experienced, multi-disciplinary team formalizes implementation activities, project plans and monitoring tools ensure that critical milestones are met. Our team will report regularly to client leadership on four key areas:

  • Weekly/bi-weekly project status/performance updates
  • Identified risks associated with project steps
  • Risk mitigation recommendations
  • Collaboration needed on next steps

As part of our services, our healthcare revenue cycle management ensures that your revenue cycle system and IT system are running in sync so you can achieve greater ROI.

Warbird practitioner consultants will help you solve the most challenging financial and operational issues for your organization, from revenue cycle to IT and beyond. Contact us or fill out a request for OnDemand interim candidates today.