Strategy STAT Financial Forecasting Model

Make smart, quick decisions using Warbird Healthcare’s Strategy STAT financial forecasting model. We offer a comprehensive, flexible financial model for hospitals, physician practices and health systems. Strategy STAT includes consolidated financials with multiple clinic sites including employed physician groups. It also accommodates assumptions for revenue, expense, utilization, capital acquisition and debt financing. There is considerable flexibility in the level of detail required to produce the financial statements from very general to very detailed.

Benefits of Strategy STAT

  • Realtime “what if” modeling tool for busy executives
  • Easy-to-use Excel format
  • Warbird runs the model in partnership with you
  • Get immediate results by inputting basic assumptions
  • Evaluate your options before making any big decisions

The Model Includes:

  • Five-Year Proforma Financial Forecast
  • Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Summary of Significant Assumptions
  • Analysis of Operations
  • Profitability, liquidity, leverage and operating statistics and ratios
  • Financial ratios compared to Moody’s Benchmarks

Use this Model for Planning Situations

  • Capital Acquisitions
  • Debt Capacity/Financing
  • Budgeting Process
  • Set Targets for Future Operations Statistics
  • Show Impact of Proposed Strategic Initiatives
  • Turnaround, M&A Due Diligence and Bankruptcy Filings

In conjunction with Strategy STAT, Warbird has the capability and experience to assist in determining financial and operational assumptions, analysis and assist with implementation.

Warbird practitioner consultants will help you solve the most challenging financial and operational issues for your organization, from revenue cycle to IT and beyond. Contact us or fill out a request for OnDemand interim candidates today.