As the healthcare landscape becomes increasingly complex and burdensome, the job of the CFO becomes increasingly difficult.

Warbird Healthcare’s unique network of senior healthcare CFO professionals helps incumbent CFOs accomplish more and become more strategic in their limited time by providing guidance and hands-on assistance. Our CFO Network and other healthcare professionals and advisors include seasoned individuals (each with over 30 years in healthcare) who understand the time and resources required to manage finance and accounting teams while balancing the many special projects and other requirements in today’s fast-paced healthcare industry. We understand the need to manage financial volatility in today’s environment, especially when many organizations are challenged to do more.

By leading with experienced talent, Warbird Healthcare helps quickly evaluate business needs, identify and perform very focused consulting services thereby permitting leverage for the incumbent CFO and other project professionals.

CFO Sub-Specialties and Focused Capabilities

Doug Fenstermaker

  • System integration, acquisitions and hospital closure process and management (asset rationalization strategies)
  • Performance improvement and turnaround
  • External business strategies, process and relationships

James Fox

  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO) strategy and concepts
  • Specialty pharmacy business development and 340B assessment
  • Provider-payer relationships

James Gravell

  • Business planning and outsourcing strategies including implementation
  • SWOT based long-range strategic capital and financial planning and implementation
  • Community information sharing (HIE) strategies

Robin Nichols

  • Physician practice and hospital CFO
  • Subject matter expertise in leading a hospitalist company
  • Subject matter expertise in the area of physician hospital organizations, including capitation and risk and operations

Stephen Pickett

  • Mergers, acquisitions and integrations
  • Physician joint ventures
  • Academic healthcare institutions including health systems, hospitals, and faculty practice plans

Michael Rutherford

  • Academic medical centers
  • Integrated community-based hospital systems
  • Integrated shared services organizations and transfer pricing

Pamela Vukovich

  • Physician practice financial infrastructure development
  • Organizational structure, staff development, mentoring and succession planning
  • Treasury and investments – strategies and operations managements

Ron Oldfield

  • Operational Finance Executive
  • Revenue Cycle, ASC, and Financial Operations
  • Finance and Accounting departments within large systems and smaller entities

David Larsen

  • Operational Finance Executive
  • Revenue Cycle billing improvement efforts
  • Healthcare accounting, accounts receivable management, budgeting, reimbursement, compliance, information systems

Mike Rutherford

  • Physician practice financial infrastructure development
  • Proven track record within large Academic Medical Centers and Intergrated Healthcare Systems
  • System Vice President and CFO experience


Warbird practitioner consultants will help you solve the most challenging financial and operational issues for your organization, from revenue cycle to IT and beyond. Contact us or fill out a request for OnDemand interim candidates today.