We Help Improve Margins to Support Your Mission

Hospitals across America face increasing financial pressure. Razor-thin margins threaten many hospitals’ very existence, yet few executives have the time or resources to really dig into their operations to find improvement opportunities. That’s where Warbird Consulting Partners comes in. From strategic counsel to performance assessment to hands-on execution, we know how to boost your hospital’s financial and operational performance.

Warbird is the ideal partner for forward-looking leaders ready to take action in today’s challenging environment. Our nationwide network of practicioner consultants bring decades of experience to hospital finance, revenue cycle, information technology (IT) and operations. We understand your issues and roll up our sleeves to improve performance in the areas that most greatly impact your margins.

Examples of Warbird’s Performance Improvement Services

Opportunities to provide the greatest economic benefit in the shortest amount of time. Typically, those opportunities fall under:

– Expert financial, revenue cycle & IT resources

– Performance assessment and implementation:

– Financial Operations

– Revenue Cycle Operations

– IT

– Productivity

– Physician services

– Municipal Advisor Services

Debt Management

Investor & Rating Agency Relations

– Managed care contract negotiation and pricing

– Merger and acquisition preparation, due diligence and integration


We know the importance of addressing financial and operational issues quickly and cost-effectively. Warbird is available to assess your hospital’s situation and implement plans to generate positive results. Contact Warbird Partners to get started.

Warbird practitioner consultants will help you solve the most challenging financial and operational issues for your organization, from revenue cycle to IT and beyond. Contact us or fill out a request for OnDemand interim candidates today.