A city government offers annual public Lottery awards to qualified cart and kiosk vendors within the City’s public right of way. The Lottery was designed to ensure that all the vendors have an opportunity to be selected for a right of way location prior to the application and approval process. In order to remain independent, the city government hired Warbird as an independent firm to conduct the Lottery.

Warbird is engaged by a US Govt Agency (Agency) to perform annual compliance reviews of a top-20 US Bank’s activities to orderly liquidate a $10 Billion/15,000 asset portfolio of distressed commercial loans. Under the Bank’s agreement with the Agency, a major portion of losses incurred by the Bank in performing its duties were reimbursable by the Agency.

A Federal Agency that serves as a specialized financial institution regulator (Regulator) required assistance with strategic operational and financial support in developing, planning, and assisting the Regulator in readiness to resolve, remediate and manage troubled specialized financial institutions.

A Federal Bank Regulator providing oversight of National Banks engaged Warbird to assist with National Bank Examinations.

A Federal Agency providing shared services to other Federal Agencies required accounting and reporting system support and project management that included Fund Balance With Treasury (FBWT) reconciliations, process commitments, obligations and Intra-governmental Payment and Collection System Transactions (IPAC) financial documents, reconciliations, internal control assessment and improvement, and quality assurance support services.

A Federal Agency required accounting assistance and financial management reporting support in accordance with the Financial Management Improvement Act (FMIA) to ensure compliance with OMB Circular A-127 and the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP).

A federal agency that serves as a compliance agent for one of the housing and mortgage subsidy programs required assistance conducting servicer controls audits, issuing reports on these audits and providing supporting work papers to its oversight agency.

A federal agency client with consistently unmodified opinion outsourced majority of their accounting processing leaving only a core team to provide quality assurance. As such, the team was no longer able to provide an independent internal controls review and evaluation over the controls they now performed.