Healthcare Strategic and Financial Services

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„Warbird Healthcare was created to help healthcare organizations identify and solve their most urgent strategic, financial and IT challenges. Our mission is to help healthcare executives succeed.

CFO Consulting & Financial Services

Warbird provides high-level and detailed healthcare financial consulting through our CFO Consulting Network.

Healthcare CFO Consulting Network

Warbird’s Healthcare CFO Consulting Network is a nationwide alliance of accomplished large hospital and health system finance executives organized to work with incumbent CFOs on complex financial issues or specific projects and initiatives.


CFOs STAT is a unique advisory program designed to provide direct access to all Sr. CFO Consultants in Warbird’s CFO Consulting Network when you have an immediate business need.

Financial Rx

Warbird offers an intense financial and operational analysis that assesses the current hospital operations and potential areas for improvement. After identifying potential areas for improvement, we provide a plan of precise execution to implement recommendations.


Make smart, quick decisions using Warbird Healthcare’s StrategySTAT financial forecasting model. We offer a comprehensive, flexible financial model for hospitals, physician practices and health systems.

Revenue Cycle Services

Integrated Finance and IT Solutions for Revenue Cycle

Warbird provides expertise to analyze the effectiveness and concurrent integration of your financial IT applications and revenue cycle processes. These linkages are critical to ensuring that both the IT and revenue cycle components are synchronized. Improvement in your ROI will be discovered in this analysis.

IT Services

Healthcare IT Consulting

Warbird knows that there are significant cost savings hidden in the investments and operations of IT systems. We provide expertise to identify and capture the economic benefit, in the form of reduced IT costs organization-wide or the redeployment of scarce IT resources.

Interim Management Services

Healthcare OnDemand Interim Management

OnDemand is an immediate and economic solution for your hospital or clinic until the permanent candidate search is completed. The impact is especially challenging in the healthcare environment, where consistency and continuity of service are critical.